Response to President Obama's Back to School Speech

Below is an essay created by my American Government class today. It was one the coolest experiences working with them through this process.

Yesterday in American Government class we watched President Obama’s speech. The speech was for students who were going back to school. In his speech our president spoke about the economy, the war and our dreams. He talked about each of us having talents and that we needed to pursue our dreams and our destiny. One of his quotes was “No one writes your destiny but you.” To me that means we have to make good choices and decisions with our lives.

Discipline is something that is important. Without discipline you will not have willpower to succeed. He also spoke on how his mother disciplined him because he was not the best student. His mother knew that he was intelligent.

Becoming intelligent allows us to go farther in life. Education opens up doors to new opportunities. We have an obligation to ourselves to be at our best at all times. Our president encouraged us to instill a sense of excellence in everything we do. We can’t sit around and wait for through. We have to be the best luck to see us version of ourselves.

Here is a link to the online video
The President's Back To School Speech


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