Inside Rain by Monique Mensah....Review

After reading Inside Rain I am totally convinced that Monique Mensah is definitely setting the stage to become the next big name in Urban Fiction.

Her latest novel takes us inside the tormented world of Rain who witnessed the horrific killing of her mother, twenty years prior. As an adult Rain not only has to deal with herself but also that of her siblings, Carmen and Danny, who envy Rain's relationship with their mother.

Each sibling has their own demon to deal with, inclusive of sex, drugs, and self-esteem issues. When you least expect it, you too are traveling right along with them down dreadful paths that are hard to turn from.

Entering Inside Rain made me a little more reflective of myself and my relationship with my siblings. Just maybe Rain is helping others as she deals with her inner struggles of coming to remember what really happened that horrible night.

This book is a must read!!!!!!!!!!! Once it's read it has to be discussed because there are so many issues contained in Inside Rain that are impacting our families and communities.

Go to the link to read an excerpt from Inside Rain and Monique's first novel Who Is He To You?


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