14 Years Later

Today makes 14 years since Tupac left us. I sat in my car and listened to the 5 o'clock mix and thought back on how I used to buy The Vibe and The Source just to read about Tupac. I do believe that I have every issue. There was so much more to him. He was definitely a complex individual and a brilliant individual.

In honor of him today I am reposting a blog I wrote in July....Enjoy and to Ms. Afeni Shakur thanks for sharing your son with us and for keeping his music and legacy alive. I need to get to Atlanta...Tupac Shakur Center For the Arts

Verse 3 (repost)

There are not many words that kind describe how the summer is ending for us. It was to be the summer that my son got out in front of college coaches and got ready for his senior year, on and off the court. I kept hearing people say "We prepared for this moment." Now that the moment has arrived we didn't prepare for this particular moment and it has been hard for so many people to understand what is going on with him. I say to myself "God knew in eternity and it's all working together for us".

For the past couple of weeks I have heard Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up" way too many times. The song was released in 1993 and it's 2010. Why have I heard it on the radio like 3-4 times in the past two weeks? (I believe in signs and wonders) The last time I heard it we were leaving the doctor's office and I simply stopped and stared at the radio. I was like, "For real?" Is this the song I hear after the doctor gives his report?

This particular song has been a refuge for me many times. My son was born in 1992 and we have had our ups and downs but we always continue to press on. Every year, since my son was born, during different points of my life I would hear this song and sometimes the tears would just fall. I can remember many days just pulling the car over and waiting to hear Verse 3. Boy! Does that verse speak to me.! It was too many things to deal with but outside I was looking fearless. Not many people would know what it has taken to raise my children but as my bestfriend often says, we just keep it moving. We don't stay in negativity. If something unwelcomed comes into our lives we deal with it and move on.

When I heard the song last Thursday two things were different 1) My son turned it down and 2) I didn't cry. I have come along way since 1993. My son and I have come a long way since 1993. Being a single parent is rewarding when you put the right things first. Trials and tribulations will come and go but when you are truly focused on your family everything tends to come together. As we navigate through our current obstacle we kept hearing the same phrase over and over, from different people. "Keep Ya Head Up". I am so grateful for that song. My son is getting older and older from having the world on his shoulder. But he will never let up because he knows that good things await him and that good people are aligned with him.

I could listen to Verse 3 over and over and reflect back the past 17 years. It ain't been easy but it has been worth it. To single parents I say it may get rough and at times you become frustrated but you birthed greatness and God will not allow you to suffer beyond what you can bear. You gotta keep your head up!

Brenda's Got A Baby

Keep Your Head Up


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