In Prayer for Student Athletes

Last Friday my sister texted my son and I to watch the news. We were not sure what she wanted us to watch but it became apparently obvious it had something to do with several tragedies involving high school athletes in our city. At Goshen High School the community had gathered to pray for football player Erik Coleman, who had suffered bruising of the brain after taking a hit during football practice. The segment went on to disuss the car accident that killed Jordan Day and Jovante Woods, who suffered a severe asthma attack that would, in days, result in his death.

As I sat and watched the news with my 17 year-old son it was hard. I felt like I should have been at Goshen standing and holding hands with the other parents. My heart ached. All of these boys were my son's age and my son has probably come into contact with them or someone who knows them. They have probably passed each other at an athletic or social function. It really brings so much home about how precious and unpredictable life is.

On the news segment Erik's father, Kevin, was not only concerned about his son's injury but also the other boys who were mentioned. I felt him right through my television. So many groups can form a community and I feel that this community, parent's of student athletics, is carrying heavy hearts today. For many students school begins this week. Parents are our preparing for a new year for their children. For two families the week begins with preparing and attending funerals and memorials for their sons.

I send heartfelt prayers out to the families of Jordan Day and Javonte Woods. There are many parents who are praying for your strength and your families during this time.

Thanks to the Coleman family for sharing their pain and concern with our city. Wishing you a wonderful recovery Erik.

To all the parent's who have students that play sports, sometimes it can get tough with injuries, surgeries and other obstacles. I have learned that those moments have bonded my son and I in ways I never imagined. Each day take a moment to thank God for the opportunites you and your family have to be together because you just never really know what the next day holds.

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