I Changed

See what had happened was

We thought it would be okay to call and text.

Yeah, I figured being friends would be cool.

Then I began to realize that I broke the rule.

But I tried until you threw your new “her” up in my face.

See that was straight wrong on every count.

So now I need to create a permanent way out.

I am trying to let Ghetto Chick speak

And bring Sumthing Special to the street.

Man, something’s gotta give.

So I can go on and live in a world where you don’t exist.

See, I’m changing and I am trying to move on

He said I was acting like a kid

So can I tell you what I did?

Before he could text me that I was any dumber

I went and changed my wireless phone number.

Now I can’t be a b….or a dumb hoe

Or some naïve woman you think you know

From now on you don’t have to set me aside

To solidify your position with your next free ride

And since she is next

This will stop you from speaking on my sensuality in a text

I called the phone company and asked them to rearrange

So the next time you attempt to call or text me

My phone number has been changed.


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