Putting It Together

Last Friday we were at the hardware store. Hadn't been there in a while and I needed to do some basic home improvements. One improvement was to change the torn paper blind on the front door. It has been hanging there for nearly three years, I am proud to say. So I went in search of a magnetic curtain hanger to hang my homemade curtain on. Get it Girl!!!! I don't need to buy one. I got skills.

Then we needed some spray to rid of the weeds and some stones for the front yard to add to the two I bought....,yes you guessed three years ago, to assist my company in the rain and snow. I needed to say I did something this summer. lol

Upon first walking into the store my 6'5 son sees a sign, that I would not have paid any attention to. It was an advertisement for children to come and build. The theme this week.....Monster Trucks! You already know I was in there like swimwear.

I didn't tell my younger son because he would have reminded me until no end. So I made it a surprise for him.

The next morning we show up too early to the session, so we walk around looking at bathroom furniture and rugs that he said were 30 feet tall. Gotta love children and their imaginations.

Around ten we head back to the production room to make our Monster Truck and I think we were the only family who had never been there and it showed. I was following the directions and my son was too. But after hammering the first four nails he lost interest. He only wanted to put on the stickers, which were next to last on the directions list.

So I had to encourage him to get on the floor and hit the nails and make the truck look like the picture. But he didn't want to hit the nails he wanted to play with the stickers. Fortunately a very helpful assistant, I believe her name is Melani, can to my rescue about five times. Getting the nails through the wood was a little tough at times and my son giving those ever soft hits just didn't cut it.

Families came in, twenty or so minutes after we had been there, and their boys just caught on and were nearly to the point where my son and I were. I just kept encouraging him, even when he became a little agitated and threw two paper cut-out cars across the table because I told him this was not playtime.

With all of the hammering and redirecting, of my son, a sista was a bit beside herself because I believed this was to be a fun activity for my son and me. Instead it turned more into a learning experience. Where I needed to be more patient and he needed to learn when it's playtime and when it's not. We eventually put the truck together and he was very happy. So happy that whenever someone sees the truck he says, "I put it together at the hardware store."

If only that was partially true. lol


  1. Girl when my daughter was small I always found projects like this for us. Every event was much like this one...LOL. I think we grew up together. She is now 15 and still only wants to "have fun" and not really work. Your story was so sweet and you are a great mommy!

    Ella Curry, EDC Creations


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