June 21, 2010.....excerpt from Raising A Warrior

Right now we are still recuperating from the weekend. My son's high school team played in the Midwest High School Shootout. Two games on Friday at Sports Plus, three games on Saturday at Sports Plus and three games at Miami University.
My mind and body are worn out. We left for Oxford yesterday at 6:30. I believe in traveling early. We picked up my niece and another player, and hit the road. It was a nice drive and Oxford has such a beautiful campus. We grabbed breakfast once we got there and then went into the gym.

Walnut played at nine, ten, and twelve. They were all good games and it was good to see my son play against some of his friends and AAU teammates. We had family members travel with us and that made the trip even better. During the break in the games we hung outside the gym and rode around Oxford a little bit.

After the last game we had lunch and drove home. I wanted to stop at a nursery and buy a plant but my legs were saying something else. My son offered to drive but I knew that if I got out of the car my legs would probably give way. They had begun to cramp up.

Once we came home and were out for the count. I lay across the bed and Ty stands in front of me and states that he needs a shower. That could only mean one thing. He used the bathroom on himself. All I could do was call out to for someone to give him a shower and change his clothes. Once he was dry he grabbed some shorts and one of his brother's basketball jerseys from the Friar’s Club and started shooting hoops. I was knocked out for several hours and periodically was interrupted by my younger son and his basketball. It has not truly set in my mind that basketball will be a huge part of my life for the next 15 or so years.

At this moment as I write I have thoroughly cleaned my bathroom with can be a part-time job within itself and in my mind I am trying to figure out the errands I need to run for the day. I know I need to hit the store because last night we had our choice of ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
I was scheduled to get my hair done this morning but I am finding it harder with each visit to sit still. I always feel like I have to be on the go. I truly need a moment to chill and do nothing. But that won’t be today. There is lifting at noon, open gym at six and a scrimmage tomorrow at seven. About the only chill time I have write now is writing this piece.

To whom much is given. So much more is required


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