Skin Care Prevention

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, be good to yourself! LA-based Lawrence Moy, MD, one of the most credentialed and in-demand Dermatologists, shares preventative tips.

1. Sun-active people should have yearly check-ups

2. Check your body monthly for dark spots

3. Check your body monthly for any new spots (have a friend or family member check those spots that are hard for you to see)

4. Look for spots that look irregular in color or shape (many of the bad spots are flat)

5. Look in areas that are not sun exposed as well as sun exposed areas

6. No tanning booths, absolutely not!

7. Use a dermatologist recommended sunscreen, such as Body Glove, and do not get burned and do not get tanned!

There are a few sunscreens that last long enough to be effective without the need to reapply. Dr. Moy recommends Body Glove Sunscreen. It has been tested for 8 hours.


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