Eco Brushes

For as long as I have worn make up I have rarely used used a brush to apply my eyeshadow. Those things scare me. There are so many brushes with different angles and techniques. So I was really surprised when I saw an add for an Eco Tools brush set and I wanted it. I don't know if it was the bamboo looking handles or the cute carrying case. The add also stated that I could purchase the item from Target. Well that did it for me!!! I was not only going to buy a brush but I was going to learn how to use it.

Needless to say. I never made it to Target for my purchase. But about a week ago I was at Walgreens, looking for some eyeshadow applicators, and in front of me hung several Eco Tools brushes and brush sets. Wow!!! The time was now. Sure it took nearly 20 minutes for me to figure out which one I wanted to buy. Eventually I choose the Bamboo Eye Shading Brush and the individual brushes come in the cutest reusable containers so that I don't have to figure out where to put the brush when I am done. I also like the color of the case. Isn't that cute?????
Within the past week I have been learning to use my new brush and I notice the difference in how I apply makeup along my eye lid and brow. It is definitely different from using the applicator. So now I am sold on the Eco Brush and one day I will go to Target and purchase an entire set.

See the link below to learn more about EcoTools products

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