Krogers Closed - Now what?

This evening I attended the meeting concerning Krogers closing this past Sunday. It was held at Woodward High School. I was very surprised about how many people were in attendance. We got there at six and there were already over one hundred people there. I took Alex, Paige and Ty with me so that they could hear the communities concerns and become more aware of what is going on in the city.

I was so glad to be in attendance. Last week when I learned Krogers was closing in Roselawn I was shocked, like so many other people. No, it's not my neighborhood grocery but it has been a part of my family's shopping for many years. Now, like so many other families, my grandmother and aunt now have to shop and purchase medicine at another grocery. They are non-drivers so that poses an even bigger issue for them. Fortunately, my family will be able to assist them with shopping but that is not the case for other families.

If our communities are to survive we have to come together. There are many valid concerns for our elderly and their needs for medicine and fresh food. I say that churches come together and roll those church vans out during the week.....I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother had her dairy products delivered....That whole get to the nearest Krogers, purchase groceries of ten dollars or more and we will give you two bus tokens does not sound attractive at all. And that program ends on June 26. I wonder who at Krogers came up with that idea? It just doesn't seem well thought out.

Now that store is closed we have some problems to address and some needs to be met. This evening I saw Charles Winburn, Sam Malone, Alicia Reece, Cecil Thomas, Dwight Tillery, Clyde Gray and other influential members of various communities (Avondale and Mt. Auburn). By the time we left I know that auditorium was filled with many concerned citizens of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

This is that moment for us to create a solution. Let's not just come together and discuss the closing. Krogers in Roselawn is closed so now what?


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