Milani Cosmetics

I consider myself a MAC girl. I love MAC's cosmetics, can't do without my chestnut lip pencil or my Fetish and Icon lipstick. To be truthful I have loved makeup since I was in junior high school. I remember my first fav lipstick was Artmatic 069 or 960 depending on how you held the container. For some reason I have a thing for color, so I have dabbled with teals, blues and pinks.

Sometimes when I go to CVS or Walgreen's I just like to walk down the cosmetics aisle. One day about a year or two ago I came across the Milani Cosmetic stand. I could not move I just looked and thought, "What is a girl to do?" I initially purchased Glimmer Stripes in Terra Glimmer and most recently I purchased Runway Eyes in Designer Brown. With the Runway Eyes I wear the eyeshadow wet or dry and I love it!!!! Then there is the Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Charmer that I of course line with the MAC Chestnut pencil...hey, what can I say? lol
Check out the Milani site for yourself......

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