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On January 4, I made a huge decision that on January 5 I would not eat any form of bread or anything with sugar for a month. They say that anything you do for 30 days becomes a habit. Most people ask me if I am doing the Atkins diet. I tell them no, because I am not following it completing. I created some modifications. I got a thing for pecans and whipped cream. ;)

So on January 5 I began the task of saying no and looking at other alternatives. My scale doesn't work well so I can't tell if I have lost actual pounds but I can tell that my shirts fit a little different. I think I am off to a good start and I am eating a lot healthier. I am definitely not tired after I eat. Raising Kobe, Bill Gates, and Serena is enough to tire anyone out.

This morning I am searching for something to wear other than by normal black and white attire and so I reach for a gray pant set that I have not worn since I carried Ty. Needless to say today I was too cute in gray and black. I even had to step up my make-up game. Blush anyone??????

I look forward to the March 5 update.

Forever Blossoming


  1. i've been done that for like 3 ou 4 months.. and it really works! but you have to burn some more calories.. what i do is i just walk like 1 mile or 2 and then i come back home..

    and i've lost 5 Kg!
    it's great!

    the worst part was going though christmas without eating the candys rsrsrs


  2. Next month is another phase for me. That is when I will start the process of buring more calories.

    I was on the Atkins plan in 2004 and it really worked but I gave up. Now I am more focused on being healtier. I wanted to start earlier but I gave in to the Christmas eating.

    I am definitely becoming more disciplined.

    Thanks for your reply.


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