Beautiful Distraction - Gabourey Sidibe

Recently at school we were preparing to watch "Glory". As we organized the room and got our students situated something caught my eye. It was the latest issue of Ebony Magazine with Gabourey Sidibe on the cover. Ms. Gabourey is the star of the movie "Precious", based on the novel Push. As of yet I have not seen the movie or read the book. Not because I don't want to or I don't find it interesting. Personally I feel as if I teach to "Precious" everyday. Many young ladies I know can relate to the main character in this story. I don't know if I am ready to see the story on the big screen or read the book. For then I will be alone and not have my assistant or my co-workers to run to, to help me figure it out and calm me down. I have always been an emotional soul. I think this movie and this book will tug at my heart in away that I am not prepared for.

While the movie was beginning, in our classroom, I flipped right to the story on Gabourey and I can truly say that this article was one of the most enlightening reads I have had in a while. Gabourey's confidence jumped off the page and it was totally in your face. Her pictures were stunning, almost as if she had been practicing and preparing for this moment. I would encourage everyone to pick up this issue and read the article. It is so inspiring and so motivational. What moved me the most about the article was that I was left feeling that I was on my divine path and that one day I will make the right turn to meet the right people to fulfill God's divine plan for my life. Ebony, Oprah, Monique......I am on my way!!!!!!

Below is a video clip containing Gabourey while on the set of her Ebony photo shoot.

Getting Ready for My Close Up



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