All I Need

I have been so fortunate to be exposed to music all of my life. I am even more fortunate that I have been exposed to gospel music, thanks to my mother. There is nothing like an amazing song to get me going through trying times. Here lately there is one song that tugs at my heart and forces me to stop and worship, at home, in my car, or wherever I am standing when I hear it. That song is "All I Need" by Brian Courtney Wilson.

Lord I am standing in the need of prayer......when I call, Lord I know you're there....How many times have you been standing in the need of prayer? When you didn't know how a situation was going to work itself out? At 40 I can testify to staying prayed up when the doctor's said my children were sick at birth, when I couldn't I couldn't figure out the mortgage a couple of years ago, and when I was told time and time again that I was not cute enough, not small enough or simply just not enough.

But I was taught as a child to call on Him and He would make a way out of now way. He has proven that over and over my family, personal, and spiritual life. I now count all things joy.

See I am at a place where I want God to take the wrong and make it right. I want God to touch me in an amazing way. I am ready to give to Him completely. You can get enough time to yourself and you reflect on how awesome He is and how faithful He has been and you have no choice but say I submit totally to You Lord.

We are on our 3rd set of snow days. Today I asked God what is it that you want me to do with this time? Did I miss something the 1st and 2nd set of days? I don't believe anything happens by accident. God works all things out for good. His response to me was simply realize that God is all that you need and that your prayers are already answered and your dreams have already been made true if you simply stay on the path of doing as I ask of you.

I have had pain and doubts about tomorrow. There were days when I just wished it would all end. But God....He had a plan. Has a plan. As a child I would hear my mother sing, in the church choir, I Know Who Hold Tomorrow... many things about tomorrow...I just don't seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow...and I know who holds my hand.

At the end of the day God's hand is All I Need

Link - All I Need by Brian Courtney Wilson


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