Snow Day

After Christmas Break the last thing that I was expecting was a snow day. I didn't even know it was supposed to snow. I am at work and my co-workers are like, "Have you heard about the storm?" Uh? No, I hadn't. So I began to track the weather and sure enough there was an expected storm due to hit the city the following day.

When I left work that Wednesday I told my co-worker I would see him on Monday and proceeded to take enough work to keep me busy. He swore that the schools wouldn't close and that he wasn't going to snow that much. He was the very same person who told me about the storm. Now he didn't believe it was coming.

I have thought about that for a couple of days now. People will tell you something and get excited about it and get you excited about it. Then, when you get excited too they have doubts. Hmmm. There is something wrong with this picture.

Let's learn to be excited together and try and not cast doubt over any situation. If you believe the snow storm is coming, continue to believe that. If you believe all things work together, continue to believe that. If you believe you are going to prosper, continue to believe that. When people get excited with you then enjoy the moment of being on one accord.

When I work up Thursday, there was no snow on the ground. There was no sign of snow at all. I believed the storm was coming and so did my employer. As for my co-worker, I didn't see him until Monday.



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