Excerpt from Sumthing Special

Damn It Spencer

Auntie, I believe that your self-esteem is low and that your self-confidence is shot. I’ve never seen you like this over a man. Do you hear what he says to you? Do you read the texts? He told you to die in your sleep, and that you were dumb and stupid. Come on now. What do you see in him? He needs to leave you alone. Tell him to go.

Lindar could take no more of Spencer’s bantering. Okay! Okay! Spencer I hear you!

No, I don’t think you do, I believe Cajun has a hold on you. Ain’t he from Louisiana. Have you seen Eve’s Bayou. Maybe we should watch that …. And that other movie.

Lindar begins a silent prayer. Lord give me the strength to not cuss my niece out. She is working on my negative nerves. I know she means well..but goodness gracious does she ever stop?

Do your hear me Lindar? The movie about the serpent and…and…and The rainbow, Spencer! The Serpent and the Rainbow! Okay! We need to watch those movies. Maybe we can figure out why he treats you so bad. But then we need a movie to see why you allow him to treat you the way he does. We a Terry McMillan movie for that. As if she had come up with the perfect thought. I know Lindar we can watch Disappearing Acts. The one with Sanaa Lantham and somebody.

Damn it Spencer. You have had one boyfriend since 7th grade. You are only 18. You have no idea about loving a man.

Oh! Is that what this is? You loving a man that calls you names and treats you bad. It ain’t that bad. He has a good heart and he is compassionate and kind at times. At times? It don’t weigh right. The good should outweigh the bad.

You know it wasn’t like this in the beginning. I don’t know what happened. I remember sitting around watching movies by candlelight. Talking about poetry and my future company, Lindar Publishing. Then it was cool. He don’t even write anymore. The streets are his woman now. He’s so creative, so loving, so…

He’s so a loser. Auntie you could do better than him. You have degrees, family and friends that love you and your company is getting more and more popular. Oprah and Tyra will be calling you soon.

But so much of the creativity of Lindar Publishing is driven by Cajun’s push for me to be at my best when I write. Ghetto Chick wouldn’t even exist without him. Yeah Sure. Ghetto Chick is about your experiences with men. Cajun inspired that. I can’t deny that.

You give him too much credit. You are a talented writer. People love what you have to say. You have a lot to say to the world. Cajun is holding you back for all of that.

Sometimes I miss talking to him.

What him calling you a fat ass bitch or dumb and stupid?

Damn it Spencer.


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