Flip It and Reverse It

Okay I have been having some crazy moments lately and I am really trying to hold it together. As I have looked back over some previous relationships I have been asking God some questions. One being what am I doing wrong here? I really don't want to keep making the same mistakes with the same people.

Everyday on the radio I am hearing Justified by Smokie Norful and It Ain't Over by Maurette Brown Clark and I hear God speaking to me. One day He said, "For all you have been through what if I blessed you with a man that honored you would you still worship me the same? Will you still thirst after the things of God?" I answered yes, but after thinking about it more. I believe I am in an awesome place to be able to do amazing things for Him while I am single.

My prayer is that if God wants me to remain single then I will be single and if He happens to send a man into our lives that man is a Godly man. It is no longer enough to date just to date. My future mate has to already know the Word of God for himself and he must hunger and thirst after the things of God.

Just trying to figure it out



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