Just Wanted To Watch T.V....

I wouldn't say that I don't watch t.v. often. What I will say is that it's not very often that I want to see a show on a regular basis. Over the years I have been glued to Soul Food, Girlfriends, and Pastor Jamal Harrison-Bryant. I could tell you when those shows were coming on, day of the week and time. I laugh at including Pastor Jamal because he's a pastor, kinda doesn't go along with Soul Food and Girlfriends. But I will tell you for the longest time every Sunday at 10p.m. on the Word Network there I would be yelling out "Preach Black Man"...lol

Here lately my show of choice has been Tiny and Toya, for so many reasons that could be a blog by itself. This past Tuesday I just wanted to see the show and from highlights you could see Toya going through some things and Tiny was trying get the shop together. I just wanted to watch because I believe their feelings and emotions are so real and they just reach through the t.v. screen at you.

Boy! Did I get more than a show this past week. In less than five minutes I got some spiritual food from Mrs. Lucy Hall. After Toya's mom left she went to visit Ms. Lucy, like I know her ;). The words given to Toya have played over and over in my mind. I even went to the site and viewed the video segment several times. What has stayed with me were Ms. Lucy's words about mutual relationships and how we have to pour into each other. "I gotta life just like you gotta life". We have to get to that point where we stop always being the giver or the taker and get some reciprocity. (I remember that from Lauryn Hill)

Ms. Lucy also spoke on Toya getting healthy herself. That is so key. Especially when you are in the position to give freely and people mistake your kindness for weakness and then you become drained and sick while everyone else is moving on. So while I have never met Ms. Lucy she gave some food for thought. When I am seeking out friendships I need some reciprocity, pour into me like I pour into you. Whether it's with words of encouragment, time, listening...whatever. Hey I love you to life but you know what I gotta life too! I am not going to be drained anymore.

Thank you to Ms. Lucy and to the show. I just wanted to watch t.v....I got so much more.

Check out the link below to learn more about Ms. Lucy Hall and the Mary Hall Freedom House. I have so many reasons to visit Atlanta now.


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