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Cookies For My Sister ~ Merry Christmas

Final Friday 2017

Merry Christmas ~ Be At Peace

Arlinda Christine Ministries ~ Working, For His Love, For His Purpose

UC AACRC Gospel Choir at Light of the World 2017 ~ 123 Victory (Kirk Franklin)

UC AACRC Gospel Choir at Light of the World 2017 ~ You Deserve It

Third Day [Feat. Harvest] - Your Words [Lyrics] [HD]

This November

I Didn’t Come To Play

Cory Coco Brother Condrey: I'm With You, But...



Called To Be Light

The Ministry of Michelle Prather

In your Presence Jason Upton // Adaptacion al español

The Easy Thing To Do is Just Quit! Audio Message From Cory Condrey

Dorinda Clark Cole - Nobody but God

Seek Search Seize ~ Matthew 6:33

Broken To Peace

WIP The Runway Fashion Show 11.4.17 ~ Love God. Not religion

What's The Sense In Trying To Live Right?

Breakfast Time

Fred Hammond - Show me Your Face

" Head Winds " - Sarah Jakes Roberts - August 13, 2017 ( Part 2 )

Dollhouse Dreaming

Not Yet 30

Tasha Cobbs & Pastor Jonh Grey Lakewood Fill Me Up

Women’s Worship Encounter IV 2K17 ~ Arlinda Christine Ministries

*Sermon Rewind* "You are the Salt of the Earth" Dr. Mike Scruggs

Crown: An Ode To The Fresh Cut by Denene Millner

God I Want To

Bear With Me

It's Harvest Time

Join Dr. Mike Scruggs of Light of The World Church For The Tuesday Night Re-Up

One-derings Lavender Farm

From The Inside...... All I Want

Maranda Curtis Live "The Maranda Experience" Let Praises Rise

Let Praises Rise - ORU Worship Center

Faith Builders Cory Coco Brother Condrey: Come On....Really???

He Left Nothing........ Our Ramundo's Pizza Experience

You Know Just Like I Know ~ Cory CoCo Brother Condrey


In A World Of Paper Plates Be Fine China

I Just Want To Run From It

For Your Glory (feat. Calvin Nowell)

Guess Who? 2K17 ~ This One Is On You

My Friend Matthan

Early Morning Prayer With Pastor John F. Hannah

Arlinda Christine Ministries ~ Check Out My Logo

I Did All Of That.... Now What?

Morning Mannah ~ In The Same Gang

Why Not Show Your Wounds On Facebook?

Light of the World(L.O.W) Clap Your Hands 2-4-17

Light of the Word(L.O.W) Suddenly 2-4-17

Johnathan Frazier ~ Gifted